Valentine’s/Singles Awareness Day Sale

In honor of Valentine’s/Singles Awareness Day this week, my 1st novel Precipice is on SALE for only 99 CENTS on Kindle the next few days!

So if you haven’t had the chance to check it out yet, please do! It’d be a great small addition to a Valentine’s Day gift (or a good read for a distraction on Singles Awareness Day).

Thanks everyone! I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support! 
(And if you have already read it, please consider writing me a review on Amazon…I’m only 9 away from 50!)



Salisbury Post Interview

I’m late in getting this posted, but Deirdre Parker-Smith interviewed me before a book signing in Salisbury, NC. Here are the results!

Check it out!


News, plus a Writing Update

Hello all!

A little news update first:

After being out of the country for a little while, I have returned and am back to work. I had a great book signing event in Davidson, NC at Main Street Books a week ago and have a few more set up later this month and August.

On the evening of July 21st, I will be at The Wine Room in Concord, NC and that weekend, July 23rd, I’ll be having a book release party also in North Carolina! If you’re interested in attending, please let me know and I’ll get you the details.

Then in August, on the 5th, I’ll be at South Main Book Company in Salisbury, NC for a signing and meet-and-greet.


Finally, I’m happy to announce that I’ve been working on my next book. It is currently operating under a working title that will undoubtedly change, but it is about 30-40% through and I’m very excited about the direction it’s taking. I’ve attached a photo of my workstation set up at a Chick-fil-a in Tennessee earlier this week as I worked on
Chapter 15. This chapter is particularly important to me as it introduces a new character I’m very excited about.13585163_10101490798489684_5984359059526923777_o

Evelina “Eve” Chase was only meant to be a minor, one-scene character in her initial conception, but I’ve grown to love her character. She has been upgraded to a recurring character in this book and I can see her returning again and again in future stories as well!

Precipice: It’s Available!

I’m very happy to report that Precipice is now available on Amazon!

For those of you who prefer the old-school, paperback copy:

For those of you who are high-tech and like all of their books digital:



Cover Design

After a challenging process narrowing down options and having to eliminate some very talented designers and their art, the cover design for Precipice is complete!

Special thanks to for hosting the cover design process and to Elementi Studio ( for all of the hard work and time that went into it!